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We Have to Bid More Work at Lower Margin to keep our guys…

“If you have been in construction for any length of time at all you know that cash flow is king and the flow of cash is tied directly to how well you manage risk. So, if you work harder for less margin by definition your risk rises and that may push us over the edge.”

The Cost of Working Harder

We’ll make it up on change orders...

Assuming they are approved by the owner or GC and you are certain that all costs are accounted for including committed costs from vendors and subcontractors.  Then, if the planets align and the lawyers are paid you may make something… or not.

It takes 4 weeks to get our service invoices out...

“Our service department is really growing and that is both fantastic and scary.  We’re doing over 2 million dollars in service work / year and our invoices are usually sent about 4 weeks after the job is complete.  That is costing us about $166,000 / month in deferred cash flow.  “

Residential work is in the toilet, so we’re going to go after more commercial work...

“We discovered that managing our material is way different and we weren’t prepared to estimate our labor properly for commercial work… It almost killed us. Fortunately, we have some good guys in the field and I hope we can keep them long enough for the market to turn back around…”

We document  everything...

“We keep all our job correspondence in carefully managed folders on every project manager and estimator’s computer …. except for the ones that don't’ get entered or saved or transmitted or….”.

We try to be accurate on Purchase Orders, but...

“It takes too long to enter all the information that would be useful for job tracking because we order thousands of material items each week.  It would be nice to have some better detail because then we would be sure that we’re paying what we agreed for the material actually delivered.  We know there is money leaking through those cracks..”

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The Value of Working Efficiently

A few examples from other contractors...

· Secure Your Business and be profitable even in a difficult market

· Retain your best employees so you can excel when the market recovers

· Peace of Mind that your company is taking advantage of every opportunity that makes sense and is cash flow positive.