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Business Development / Estimating

Many specialty contractors find that their service department can save their company but fear that it will kill it first.  ATC has helped hundreds of service departments recover unbilled labor hours, unbilled work orders and dramatically improve the timeliness of billings.

Service Work, Small Jobs and Maintenance

Managing projects with a comprehensive view of the key metrics including labor management, committed cost control (PO’s and Subcontracts), material management, production tracking, Precon/Pre-fab and all manner of relationship management is daunting for most contractors.  The good news is that implementing a standardized project management is not only possible it is highly profitable. 

Project Management

Controlling committed costs is an area where we find a great deal of cost recovery and cash flow improvement for many of our clients.  If you self-perform work and are responsible for material on the job, it is very easy to let vendors dictate the costs of material because you are busy and its hard to be in the details down to the penny.  However, if you can streamline the processes to ensure that you have paid what you agreed to pay for the material and services you agreed to receive, the results are often spectacular.

Purchasing and Subcontracts (Committed Cost Control)

Business Development is more than just estimating processes. It is the management of relationships with owners, other contractors,

architects,  engineers and vendors.  With the advent of BIM, Digital Takeoff and collaborative estimating there are more new opportunities to than ever before.  However, these technologies must be managed and implemented in such a way that they are practical and effective in your organization.